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Close your eyes…
Imagine that you are walking down the road when you spot a black leather briefcase randomly sitting on the sidewalk. You stop and look around. No one around you seems to notice the briefcase. You pick it up and continue walking. You turn into the park on the next block and find a quite bench. You sit down and open the briefcase hoping to find a clue as to who the owner of the briefcase might be.
To your surprise, you find the briefcase is filled with interesting articles, exciting projects, beautiful poems and incredible reviews. Your curiosity finally gets the better of you. You pick up the first piece of paper, you sit back, and you begin to read…

The Random Briefcase Online is a blog which strives to create fun and interesting content for its readers. We offer a variety of reading material on a diverse selection of topics. You can expect interesting and fun articles, reliable product reviews and suggestions, incredible original stories and poetry, and in-depth discussions.

Our goal is to create a community of writers where they can feel free and confident in sharing their talent. Our team consists of writers young and old, and the only job requirement is that they write about things they are truly passionate about. We also accept submissions from writers out there who want to make their work public.
We encourage comments not only on our content, but also on the writing style and effectiveness of any of our articles. Just remember to keep criticism constructive.

We are a family friendly blog. We do not publish content which contains explicit sex, promotes illegal activity or contains adult language. If you feel that any of our published content does not adhere to this policy, please contact us and make us aware of the issue so that we can get to work rectifying it as soon as possible.

The Random Briefcase Online is running a non-profit platform named We Are All Humans Here. Our goal with this platform is to ‘get back to humanity’ by raising awareness on social issues, and allowing like minded people to collaborate in order to contribute to finding a solution to some of these issues. For more information on We Are All Humans Here, send us an e-mail at rhbhumans@gmail.com.

For more information on our policies, you can find our Privacy and -Disclosure Policy here, and our Contributor Policy here.

Welcome to The Random Briefcase Online!

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