Contributor Policy

We welcome any submissions from writers out there. We ask that you take time to read our contributor policy before submitting your article.

Please note that submissions which do not meet the requirements as stipulated below will not be published.

Requirements for Submissions

To submit your article for review please e-mail us at The e-mail should include:

  • Subject: Article Submission – <insert title of the article>
  • Attach a Microsoft Word (.docx) or OpenOffice (.sxw) copy of your article to the e-mail. Please ensure that NO images or photos, or formatting are included in this document.
  • Attach any images or photos you would like published with your article to your e-mail. Indicate placement with: [photoname] in your article. (Replacing “photoname” with the name of the photo or image.)
  • Please list all of your sources in the article clearly.
  • Please state your full name and pen name (if applicable) in the e-mail, also indicate which of these you would like published.
  • Please include your contact details: cellphone/home number, address and e-mail address.


We will not share any personal information gathered upon submission with third-parties. This information is required as a means of contacting you incase of copyright infringement. If such an instance occurs, we will contact you first, and if we need to, ask for written consent to share your information only with the relevant third-party.

Please indicate clearly if you wish your article to be published under your own name or under a pen name. If no indication is given and your article is approved, we will publish your article under your own name.


The Random Briefcase does not offer compensation for article submissions. However, we will forward any free products, services, travel, event tickets or any other form of compensation received from companies to the author providing that The Random Briefcase is affiliated with that company in any way.


The Random Briefcase and its owners do not accept responsibility for any copyright infringement found in an article which as been written and submitted by a contributor. The article remains the intellectual and legal property of the author and is published with the permission of the author.

If an article is found to contain copyright infringements after submission, during review it will be rejected.

If any reader should find a copyright infringement, please contact us and we will investigate promptly.

Permission to Publish Content

You as the author of the submitted article give permission to The Random Briefcase and its owners to publish the submitted article on, its social media pages and any other platforms owned by The Random Briefcase or its owners.

Revoking Permission to Publish Content

If the owner wishes to revoke permission from The Random Briefcase to publish his/her article, we ask that you send us an e-mail explaining the reason for revoking permission. Please include a reference to your article, you name, and contact details in the your e-mail.


The Random Briefcase has very little restrictions with regards to content. We ask that your content be relevant, well-researched, without copyright infringements, interesting and fun to read.

No adult or explicit content will be accepted.

Approval or rejection is based purely on the discretion of the individual who reviews the article.


Any media submitted to be posted along with an article should be public domain and may not cause copyright infringements.

Any media containing adult or explicit content will be rejected.

If no media is submitted along side an article, The Random Briefcase maintains the right to include media at it’s own discretion.


The Random Briefcase and its owners maintain the right to format any article submission at its own discretion. Format requests may be included in the submission e-mail, however will be considered and either approved or rejected by the discretion of the reviewer. If a format request is rejected, the article submitted may still be used.

Right to Advertise

By submitting an article, the owner agrees to allow The Random Briefcase and its owners to include advertisements and affiliate links on the article on any platform it is published on by The Random Briefcase or its owners.

Please Note

Only one article per submission will be accepted. If multiple articles are to be submitted, please submit each individually with its own individual submission e-mail.


By submitting your article for review via e-mail at, you the author confirms that you have read the contributor policy as it appears on, and that you agree to all of the terms as they are stipulated.

It may also be useful to also read our Privacy Policy.

This Contributor Policy is subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: 22 January 2017

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